Hailstorms can cause significant damage in your area. Remarkably, one of the most expensive devices at your building might be overlooked. If ignored, these units will continue to cost more money in electricity, and ultimately failure of the unit. It’s a simple fact that A/C units with hail damage have to work harder and longer to produce cooling. This shortens their life expectancy and dramatically increases your electric bill. Since this damage is caused by hail, it is most likely covered by your insurance policy. CIS can work with your insurance company to get your equipment working properly. In fact, CIS works directly with the insurance industry handling nearly 10,000 claims a year. CIS works with all of the major carriers. Our staff has the knowledge to handle commercial, residential and religious facilities’ claims. We want to make sure that your HVAC system works properly, saves you money and continues to operate efficiently for years to come. Let us work with you and your insurance company to get your equipment repaired.

Repair is as easy as 1-2-3 with CIS

1. CIS will evaluate your HVAC equipment for hail damage and perform a diagnostic analysis on its operational capabilities in order to determine the level of damage.

2. CIS will work with you to contact your insurance company and handle all aspects of your claim including the communications, repair or replacement, and billing.

3. CIS will repair or replace your damaged equipment restoring them to a pre-loss condition including final diagnostic check to guarantee their performance.

CIS travels throughout the United States to inspect Hail claims for for over 50 insurance companies